“A chilling treat has entered the forests of Midgard.”

Since the company’s inception, Snowprint Studios has been working hard on its first title codenamed “Project Thor”, at first tinkering with various prototypes before honing in on something that we consider to a deeper experience for all the everyday gamers out there. Loosely based on Norse mythology and Scandinavian lore, this puzzle RPG for mobile devices takes players on an epic journey where they must fight alongside their team against an invasion from Niflheim. And what would an epic adventure be without equally epic boss battles, PvP, guilds and a whole lot more?

A release date and more information on Snowprint’s first title will be revealed in the coming months.


With the recent launch of the company’s Berlin studio, work has already begun on Snowprint’s second game, codenamed “Project Idun”. With the Berlin team’s passion for and experience with turn-based tactics, it is sure to become something in that direction. Only time, and this website, will tell what exactly that will mean!